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RHS Award of Garden MeritA cup symbol on a plant's label shows that it has earned the AGM. The RHS
Award of Garden Merit is our seal of approval that the plant performs reliably in the garden.

Awards are usually given after a trial period at an RHS Garden, often Wisley, and are judged by expert forums and advisory groups.

Evergreen Azalea Varieties

All azaleas we sell are carefully pinched and pruned to produce a bushy, compact, top quality container grown plant.

Also know as Japanese Azalea these delightful evergreen shrubs form a dome shaped bush which is covered with masses of flowers in Spring year after year.

The varieties we grow have been chosen for their reliability and range of colour.

Plant in full sun in a northern position and light shade in a southern position. Soil should be well drained of the acid type (ph5 - 5.5) or alternatively plant in tubs or raised beds using a ericaceous compost.


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Deciduous Azalea Varieties

The plants grown on this nursery are strong, bushy, carefully pruned 3 year old budded plants of the highest quality.

Also known as Mollis and Exbury Hybrids these azaleas come in a wide range of colours from subtle pinks to flaming orange. The flowers are often scented filling the garden with a lovely aroma on a calm spring evening.

Soil should be well drained, of the acid type (ph5 - 5.5) or alternatively plant in tubs or raised beds using ericaceous compost. Plants may be pruned in Spring after flowering to keep shape if required. These azaleas display rich Autumn colours.


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Dwarf Rhododendron Varieties

We grow a comprehensive range of Dwarf Rhododendrons from the small leafed Impeditum to the larger leafed Elizabeth Red.

This group has an equally wide range of colours and growth habit making it ideal for the smaller garden.

Our list contains the best of the recent introductions as well as the best of the older varieties. Soil should be well drained lime free with a ph5 - 5.5. Should these conditions not be available they will grow happily in tubs or raised beds with an ericaceous soil.


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Yakushimanum Hybrids Rhododendron Varieties

This breed of semi dwarf Rhododendron are ideal for the modern smaller garden.

The original species was found in the mountain peaks of Yakushima Island situated off Japan and has been cross hybridised with various large flowered hybrids with a compact habit to produce the Yakushimanum Hybrids.

Plants are slow growing producing a neat dome shaped evergreen bush. Many have fine foliage with indumentum (a brown or lime green wooly texture) under the leaves.

Plants need an acid soil alternatively make an ideal plant for raised beds or tubs using ericaceous compost.


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Hardy Hybrid Rhododendron Varieties

We continuously select the best new varieties as they become available as well as relying on our core range of the best of the well proven older varieties.

Our Rhododendrons are grown with care to produce a bushy, budded saleable plant in a wide range of colours ideal for Garden Centre Sales.

For the gardener these require a lime free soil of ph5 - 5.5. should this not be available, they will happily grow in a suitable container with an ericaceous soil.

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PREMIUM VARIETIES - Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons

Specially selected for our Premier Range. These 3 varieties XXL, Midnight Beauty & Sun Fire have been chosen for their distinctive and attractive flower size and colouring.


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Gardenia jasminoides

Renown for their heavy scent Gardenias will be more familiar as a house plant.

We offer two varieties which are relatively hardy and will take a frost down to -8C. Below this outdoors they will need some protection.

These plants are ideal for a container and can then be moved into shelter in sever cold weather. Gardenias require a lime free well drained ericaceous compost kept nicely moist.


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Pieris japonica

Commonly known as Lilly of the Valley shrub.

It is a compact evergreen shrub originally from China where it grows wild in mountain regions. This hardy evergreen shrub with it's leathery dark green leaves, often brightly coloured when young makes a very desirable garden plant.

We grow the most popular varieties for foliage and flower colour. Grows well in lime free soil or containers with ericaceous compost.


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Acers (japanese maple)

This elegant compact shrub is a native to Japan and makes a delightful garden plant. Grown for their graceful habit and delicate laced foliage, these plants also display rich Autumn colours.

Acers prefer a slightly acid organic well drained soil but will grow quite happily in most soils.

Japanese Maples make a perfect patio container plant for the smaller garden.


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Camellia japonica and Hybrid Varieties

Camellias are among the most popular flowering evergreen shrubs, producing beautiful flowers with a diversity of colour and form and their glossy foliage keeps them looking attractive all year round.

Ideally they should be planted in an organic lime free soil, should such conditions not be available they will happily grow in raised beds or tubs with an ericaceous compost. Avoid a site which catches the early morning sun on frosty mornings as a quick early thaw can damage flowers or buds.

AVAILABLE IN 1.5L, 3L, 5L 10L, 20L, 3 & 5L TRELLIS

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Our range of Ferns come in all shapes and sizes with a high percentage of evergreen and semi deciduous varieties.

These Ferns are suitable for any moist soil or shade. In fact many prefer shaded areas or even gloomy sites where few other plants thrive. Hardy Ferns like well dug soil incorporated with lots of organic matter such as leafmould. Also use this to mulch the plants after planting and once per year thereafter.


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Promotional Products

These added value products are additional to our normal range and suit customers who wants something a little bit different and special.

Top quality plants in handmade wooden barrels or patio planters make an ideal gift offer.

Hardy Hybrid Rhodos, Dwarf Rhodos, Yak Rhodos and Evergreen Azaleas in 7Ltr plastic terracotta planters, ready to go straight onto the patio.

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We grow an extensive range of heathers covered by the groups below:

Included under the name heathers are summer flowering and foliage forms of Calluna (also known as lings) and the Heaths appearing under the name of Erica.

Calluna's are mainly summer/autumn flowering and required an acid (none alkaline) soil. Erica's are mainly Winter and Spring flowering and will grow on alkaline (non acid) soil greater than ph 6.5. The ph indicates the degree of alkalinity or acidity of your soil measured on a scale of 0-14 known as the ph scale. Test kits can be bought at most Garden Centres. For Heather flowering times and ph requirements see Plant Care instructions.

Before planting dig the site well and incorporate plenty of organic matter to ensure good drainage and moisture. If incorporating peat this will increase the level of acidity this would also apply with leafmould.

Heathers make an ideal low maintenance garden and if the plants are trimmed annually to keep shape will add form as well as magnificent colour to the garden.


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